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Beau Casa Realty represents extraordinary California homes and properties. Agents affiliated with the Southern California offices have expert knowledge in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura County real estate


We are a group of passionate designers & developers


Thanks for working so diligently on MLS/IDX issues! If you aren’t using RealtyTech’s IDX you’re missing their great responsiveness to issues as a company that crop up with MLS changes that out of state, or bigger companies and our new MLS can’t begin to beat! Now how RealtyTech compares to what the new MLS system auto emails look and act like PLEASE share if you know. But I DO know how our MLS and RealtyTech’s responsiveness to issues, availability, and calls backs compare and RT wins

Hari maliya Agent

Realty Tech . . . What a great team of professionals you are! Anytime I call, no matter who I speak with, you take the time to provide outstanding service. Your expertise is always a step ahead. Thank you for my website and your ongoing support

Faraz Khan (Agent)

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We are a group of passionate designers & developers


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Sep 07. 2018