Looking to Sell Your Property?


Sally Realtor's 39-Step Marketing Plan
For a Successful Sale and Closing of Your Property
as Quickly and Painlessly for You as Possible!

  1. Analyze the property for current market value and help you with pricing the property using sold comparables, expired and withdrawn comparables, and homes currently on the market.

  3. Counsel you on "staging" your property: "neutralizing," repairs, added amenities, color, lighting, cleanup, curb appeal, etc.

  5. Research property (classification and appraisal, plats, zoning, easements, taxes, water rights, covenants, etc.).

  7. Send in application for Seller Protection Plan if you decide to purchase the plan.

  9. Place on MLS tour (50 to 100 Realtors). This tour occurs each Tuesday morning after our MLSmeeting. We'll tour your home between 9:30 and noon (approximately).

  11. Organize feedback from other agents and inform you of results and suggestions. Adjust price or conditions if necessary and as you agree.

  13. Market and present in the best light possible to Multiple Listing meeting (50 to 75 agents) on the Thursday morning following listing contract being signed.

  15. Hold Multiple Listing Brokers' Open House, preferably on scheduled Multiple Listing tour for 15 to 30 Realtors. This occurs on Thursday mornings from 8:45 to 11:30, with areas of tour being rotated. We'll schedule as soon as possible. Either Sharon or Brian will host the open house, and collect business cards for a drawing for $25 which will be held the following Thursday.

  17. If listing is over $500,000, present to the Premier Agents Marketing Group, and arrange an open house for 20 to 25 top selling agents as soon as possible.

  19. If listing is a farm or ranch property, present to the monthly meeting of the local Farm and Ranch Realtors group (20 to 50 Realtors).

  21. Have photos taken and place enlargements in front office display on rotation.

  23. Prepare information brochure describing property. This includes photos, pertinent information for prospective buyers and their agents, utility expenses, plat, water rights, septic permits, etc. Multiple copies will be placed in office file and in Home Book.

  25. Prepare Home Book for display at the property. It will include photos, copies of brochures for prospective buyers, more detailed information, covenants, plat, maps, etc.

  27. One of the key obligations for Sharon and Brian's Marketing is to ensure your listings are viewed by as many consumers as possible. To that end, we have created an aggressive online listing distribution strategy to secure the most visible, effective and appropriate distribution channels. Your listings may appear on the following Web sites based on your property qualifications pertaining to its features.

  29. Place on rotation for special Featured Home marketing on Realtor.com in one of four slots that I have purchased.

  31. Prepare advertising copy and select photos for all advertising. This includes "Just Listed" ad in Chronicle (which will appear twice in display pages), HomeSeekers, periodic Real Estate Guide, our web pages and any other advertising deemed necessary.

  33. Give all information to Multiple Listing (if you agree), including an enticing description that will interest agents in showing the property (information is distributed to over thousands of real estate agents each week through the web).

  35. Arrange for installation of yard arm on the property (one of the best advertising methods), including name rider and arrows if necessary.

  37. Arrange for and coordinate showings using the method that you decide is best for your circumstances: a. Place computerized lockbox on property to easily facilitate showings. A record of users is available by reading the lockbox and calling the readout to a national computer. b. Key at our office for pickup by other Realtors for showings. c. Send information on showing procedures to Multiple Listing to facilitate showings in the best way for you, the Seller. d. Personally show the property by appointment to other Realtors and their clients when needed.

  39. Schedule open house for public (if we agree it is appropriate). These are usually held on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:00.

  41. Update changes as they occur and periodically renew interest of agents at MLS meetings and ERA office meetings.

  43. Send brochure to friends, clients, Realtors, and anyone I think might be especially interested in your property.

  45. Send "Just Listed" card to 20 of your neighbors (if in City Directory or if we can obtain a list of your neighbors).

  47. Follow up on showings and advise you of results and comments (please call me when a showing occurs, as I may not have been contacted by the agent).

  49. Send Seller's Progress Report to you periodically (sold properties, competition in the market, absorption rate, showings, feedback from showings, etc.).

  51. Provide legal forms for sales agreements, disclosures for mold and radon, any subsequent counter offers, water transfer certificates, etc. Arrange for deed preparation.

  53. Use my considerable experience and skills to negotiate for you with prospective buyers as your agent and at your direction.

  55. Assist in arranging for buyer's appraisal if necessary.

  57. Assist in arranging for water and/or radon test and any other required tests.

  59. Cooperate in arranging for Buyers' home inspection.

  61. One of us attend the inspection.

  63. Help you negotiate the results of that inspection to a satisfactory resolution with the Buyers.

  65. Keep you informed of the progress of escrow and help with any problems that may occur with contingency removals (financing, inspections, etc.).

  67. Keep in contact with lender, closing officer, title company, attorneys, appraiser, home inspector, and any other entities involved in the closing.

  69. Help arrange the Buyer walk-through before closing.

  71. Register buyers for the one-year Buyer Protection Plan if you have purchased it for them.

  73. Arrange for and accompany you to closing. Assist in transfer of keys, help with utility billing, etc.

  75. Continue to be available to help with any problems that might occur after closing.

  77. Congratulations!

In addition to all of these benefits that you will receive from listing your property with me, you also have my fiduciary loyalty to you as my client and my enthusiasm and extensive experience in marketing and selling real estate.  We will have your interests as our utmost duty and obligation, and will do everything in our power to find a buyer for your property in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of frustration and trouble for you.

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